Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dog play date

To day I had a dog play date.

This is Tobey he's 9 Years old. He's new owner is Mommy's Friend. we all go on walks on Tuesdays.

He's a fairly nice guy but to see how amazing it is that he's a nice dog you need to know his story. Mommy's Friend told mommy that he's a divorce dog. His mommy and daddy divorced and the mommy left him with the daddy and the daddy was moving and didn't want Toby, so He took him to an animal shelter and they wouldn't take him (they only take strays). So, The daddy said you have to take this dog or I'm going to Kill It! So, they took him and this one lady took care of him and then mommy's Friend took him. Poor Tobey!


Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Tobey is very lucky!!

My brofur, Timothy was kicked out of his house after his Mommie walked out. His Daddy just threw him out. He had to eat trash and got real dirty.
We are glad our Momma rescued him.

mini said...

:( Me to!