Monday, October 13, 2008

Manic Monday Moon

It's maxy here. Um mini is a little to tied up to do blog today HeHe..... Um so I took it upon my self to do it for her! MAXY UNTIE ME RIGHT NOW"! So (he flips through her notes) It looks like today is Manic Monday and the word is moon. Ah there's a word I no about you see I'm related to the wolf and the wolf howls at the moon when it's hungry because everyone knows that the moon is made of cheese! Well I'm sorry mini couldn't join us. I got to fly by!


bv said...

The real question is, what kind of cheese?! Please say Gouda!

Lorenza said...

Manic Monday Moon??
Sounds scary!
Kisses and hugs

mini said...

Um ok Gouda!

Its not..... I don't think.

Mo said...

Maxy - that's funny!
I never knew that's why canines howl at the moon - but it makes sense to me!
A nice warm brie on some crackers sounds good right now...