Friday, November 7, 2008

The Mommy is guest staring!

Hi. It's Mini's mommy here. Mini got in trouble and has been banned from her blog. So I will be guest staring today. Mini will be back on Monday. I took some very cute pictures of Mini that I can't believe she hasn't shared with you! OK let me find them.... Oh here's one!
When ever the phone rings She howls! It's very useful. Sometimes I can't here the phone but when she howls I know it's ringing! :)

Did Mini ever tell you she snores? Well she does and kicks in her sleep it's very annoying!

---The mommy


Isis said...

thats great that you howl at the phone mini! way to alert the hoomans!

Daisy said...

Mini, you are so cute in that little sweater. What's a little snoring amongst friends?

Lorenza said...

Hmmmmm... was she a bad girl today?? I hope it was nothing serious!
I snore too! Loudly!
Have a good night

Matilda said...

What is the matter with you,Mini?
I love your photos! I also howl and snore! :) wags wags

Ruby said...

I hope everthing is ok now Mini. I wish I could howl. You look so cute howling.
Love Ruby